Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 102

If this is the first time you hear about Blockchain or cryptocurrencies (which is unlikely), you may want to look for a real 101 intro on YouTube or just Google it. However, if you have been hearing about it, but would like to know more, this article can give you some directions.

For technical folks, you would want to know how Blockchain actually works. No other demo can show you in a more effective way than the one built by Anders. Check the two links below which lead you to both demo videos as well as the demo environment you can play with.

There is also a must-read – the Whitepaper that declared the birth of Bitcoin:

For non-tech folks who is considering investing in cryptocurrencies, I won’t be able to give you any advice on whether you should do it or what type of cryptocurrency to invest in and when. I am currently losing money myself, hahaha… But here is some more information for you to explore more:

Find the right wallet for yourself:

Other general info:


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