A User Story in an Architect’s Eyes

You, at home, browsing Facebook with your smart phone, receive a push notification from WhatsApp. It is a message from your boss asking you to check out an article on your Intranet. You remember the link to the article was shared on Microsoft Teams previously, so you open Teams on your phone, find the link in that Channel under that Team. You click on it. Your browser (Edge) opens. After keying in your username and password, you receive a push notification from your Authenticator App, tap on Approve. Now you see the article on your phone.

Not too tedious of a process from the user’s perspective, is it? Did I even mention anything about VPN? That belongs to the past generation. If you implement SSO, it can even be faster as the login steps are not needed anymore.

The entire process is secured. Try copying the content of the article out. It cannot be done! Try opening another corp app that you could access through VPN previously. It is not accessible!

In the eyes of an architect, the process above is like below:


What are involved:

  • ADFS
  • Azure AD Conditional Access
  • Azure AD App Proxy
  • Microsoft Intune