How to hyperlink to a specific location on a long web page?

For those looking for a quick answer, here it is:

Put in the pattern in the address bar: <URL>#<HTML Element ID>

For example:

If you would like to read a discussion on this topic, feel free to move on. Otherwise, the answer above is all you need to know. 😉

When you are sharing a webpage with others, it may be frustrating for the reader to find the exact content you are sharing when the webpage is long. What if you can direct the reader to the exact location through the hyperlink you are sharing? For example, on a lengthy TechNet Article about SharePoint limitations, the reader is directed to the Content Database limitations directly when opening the page with this hyperlink:

The trick lies in the suffix “#ContentDB” in the URL. So the question this post is trying to answer is how to determine what to add to the end of the URL for navigating the users to a specific location on the webpage directly?

We know in HTML we can assign an ID to a tag such as <p id=”something”></p>, which is the unique identifier of the this is specific element. You can then use this ID to locate the content to share. Not every element on a webpage has an ID attribute though. So having an ID is the prerequisite for locating the content directly.

How to find the ID of the location you are sharing if any? There are two ways, the easy way and the hard way.

The easy way exists when there are internal hyperlinks on a webpage, i.e. the hyperlink points to a location on the same page. In this case you can copy the hyperlink directly and share with others. For example, on TechNet articles, you constantly see hyperlinks to the same page.


The hard way comes when there is no internal Hyperlink on the webpage. You will need to check the source code of the webpage for any ID that can be used.