PROJECT SUCCESS in the IT world requires both the technical side and the people side to be taken good care of. I strive to excel at both.

For the technical side, I
– design technical infrastructure for performance, security, reliability, cost effectiveness and operational excellence.
– write scripts for automation.

For the people side, I
– design UI/UX for Intranets and Mobile apps.
– apply Prosci Change Management practices in projects.
– conduct business user workshops and trainings.

BUSINESS SUCCESS in the IT world requires Sales and Delivery to go hand-in-hand. In solution proposals and presentations, I pitch values while setting delivery boundaries. The balance between both is an art! I support marketing by public portal content writing and public speaking. I also guide project teams in resource plans and delivery strategies.

Combining both, information architecture and governance frameworks are devised and implemented, adoption targets are achieved and projects yield desired ROI.

I am also a life long learner. When working with Machine Learning, I make sure my math foundation is solid. Hands-on with PowerShell scripting, Docker, K8S, Python ML/DL libraries, Power BI, Adobe XD.

The main types of solutions and services I design and implement include:
– Document and Records Management System (Business-specific or Singapore government IM4L compliant)
– Corporate Intranet
– Microsoft 365 onboarding, migration and Governance
– Case Management System
– Service Adoption and Change Management Program

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